Skilfully translated into English for the very first time, these chilling tales from master storyteller Ratnakar Matkari are bound to keep readers of all ages up at night. Look again. Maybe there is! He worked as a columnist for newspapers and magazines in the s. He has received 21 awards from different institutions including the Maharashtra State Government and the Sangeet Natak Akademi.

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All the stories in this collection are full of fear, this fear itself will bite the reader. This fear has the capacity to capture any human mind, to make a person shiver with real agitation. These stories never move away from the original facts of life. The author is an excellent example of genuineness and his work is simply unique, if it is translated in other language then it will not only grace the author but also grace the Marathi literature as such. Introduction: Being a horror and mystery fan, I always love to read books of these genres.

This is the first Marathi book I have ever read of course! I was afraid of the language but I manage to read it successfully, which is a kind of achievement for me. Summary: This book has 11 stories, each story is brilliant and also give a message to the readers. However, his soon to be wife hates her and they both decide to get rid of her, but will they succeed? It is not a horror story, but quite an interesting story.

For collecting more money dada made Shamu sit beside an ailing and abandoned old woman. And Shamu collected money by gaining sympathy from people. This story has various twist and turn. He is trying very hard to forget her.

But Madhavi uniquely proves her side. The end of the story is very tragic. They allowed him to get in, but who is he? What is the mystery behind this? The twist at the end is amazing. She was left by her father in the care of his aunt, however, he soon regrets his decision. Her lover started loving her sister and to teach her lesson she puts a huge mirror in her room. However, the mirror has some mystery. However, the way the author has created suspense and backdrop is amazing. My perception: This book is out of the box.

The author is a great storyteller and every story is written with utmost care where you can get a reflection of society as well as human nature. I am glad that I have picked this book. If you love reading horror and thriller then do read this book, you are going to like this.


Ratnakar Matkari





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