About Us The JUMO corporate group, based in Fulda, Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial sensor and automation technology. JUMO products are used across the globe in industries such as heating and air-conditioning, food and beverage, renewable energy technologies, and water and wastewater. Today, the company is the global market leader in the field of industrial temperature probes. The corporate group employs more than 2, people across five branch offices in Germany, 24 subsidiaries abroad, and more than 40 agencies around the world. The company posted a turnover of approximately a quarter of a billion euro in Credibility and trust form the basis of the company management and ensure a high degree of employee loyalty.

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The devices are used as temperature controllers TR according to DIN EN 14 in heat generating plants for the control of temperatures in fluid and gas mediums. The high-contrast, multicolor LCD display for the actual value, setpoint value, and operator guidance consists of 2 four-digit seven-segment displays, 2 single-digit segment displays, display of active setpoint values, 6 relay status indications, and displays for unit, ramp function, and manual mode.

Simple operation with 4 keys. The devices can be used as two-state, three-state, three-step controllers, or continuous controllers. Among other things, the controller software includes 1 program or ramp function, 1 parameter block switch, 2 autotuning procedures, 1 math and logic module, and 4 limit value monitors.

The linearizations of the common measuring probes are stored; programming of a customer-specific linearization table is possible. A setup program is available for easy-to-use configuration on a PC. The electrical connection is made at the back with screw terminals. The block diagram displays the possible input and output configurations. The option boards are universally applicable for all devices in the series.


This funvtion needs JavaSkript.


ASTM E1527-13 PDF

JUMO dTRON 304/308/316 Controlador compacto con funciĆ³n de programa (703041/42/43/44)


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