Consequently, some chips have been getting expensive due to students relying too much on one model and manufacturer. The is the one everyone thinks of when looking for a general-purpose amplifier, however, if you rely too much on the same chip and seller, they will sometimes artificially hike up their prices. You can make your budget stretch further if you look for cheaper equivalents. Almost all the modern 8-pin operational amplifiers take their architecture from the earlier chip. Many manufacturers have made minor changes to the original design, however for the most part they are pinout equivalents, and the same formula for gain calculation applies.

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Welcome to Futurlec. Need Help. Ideal for use with Robots and Security Systems. Requires a single data pin connection to trigger and read the value of the distance measured. This inexpensive easy to use digital panel meters are ideal to give your project or equipment the professional look.

Also available analog Volt and Amp Meters in a wide range of scales. Also available are our wire cutters and strippers, made from hardened tempered steel for reliable and safe cutting of component leads and cable, together with a nibbling tool for cutting mounting holes in project boxes and enclosures. These new very compact sensor modules, easily fit in small spaces and can be incorporated into products such as toys, doorbells, alarms and much more.

Available in , and 60 degree type with various torque ratings for both light and heavy duty applications. They motors are easy to implement and can be mounted directly to the frame of your robot. These are available in long-range and waterproof types for outdoor mounting. Also now available a range of temperature, humidity and pressure sensors, ideal for use in climate control and monitoring systems.

New Hardware.



Metal Can Package Soldering 10 sec. Dual-In-Line Package Soldering 10 sec. Small Outline Package Vapor Phase 60 sec. Infrared 15 sec. ESD tolerance pF discharged through 1. Note 2: Unless otherwise specified the absolute maximum negative input voltage is equal to the negative power supply voltage. Note 3: Unless otherwise stated, these test conditions apply: 3 www.



C ? C N-Package ? C M-Package ? C Soldering Information Lead Temp. Metal Can Package Soldering 10 sec. C Infrared 15 sec.

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