Their more popular product is the Term Life Insurance. This is pretty much like their flagship product and their term life insurance plans are affordable. So because Primerica pays their claims on time, this is why they are one of the best. Only draw back I would say is they use the network marketing business model.

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For over 40 years now, Primerica has been selling insurance and other financial products through a network marketing business model. For years, Primerica was also part of the same company known as Travelers and Citigroup.

Simply put, term life insurance is temporary and only lasts for a set number of years that you choose up front e. Term life policies only give insurance against the loss of life during the chosen term, and once it has expired, you can either renew or end the policy.

The catch is that whole life insurance costs a helluva lot more than term life and offers a very small rate of return. In other words, while many investment companies focus solely on obtaining wealthy clients with lots of money to invest, Primerica is all about helping the middle class. They are, after all, a network marketing company and understandably want to appeal to as many potential recruits as possible. Williams Jr. The same year the first Star Wars movie came out.

After his father passed away of a sudden heart attack in , Art Williams learned for the first time that his family was left underinsured. Believing that people were getting ripped off by expensive whole life policies that left them underinsured, Art began selling term life in A man on a mission, he experienced immediate success but eventually grew tired of working for insurance companies who had traditional and limiting corporate structures.

In February , A. The basic idea was to show middle-America that buying term life insurance was not only better and much less expensive than whole life… But also how they could invest what they saved into mutual funds, annuities, etc.

The company also placed an emphasis on giving financial incentives to its sales force, and ultimately decided on the MLM business model. In , A. Four years later would change their name to Primerica Corporation. Clear as mud? Primerica kept acquiring more subsidiaries until they themselves were acquired in by Commercial Credit, who kept the Primerica name.

Four years later, Primerica acquired Travelers Insurance which became known as the Travelers Group — which finally merged with Citicorp in to create Citigroup. A dozen years later in , Citigroup decided to sell off Primerica through an initial public offering IPO and by , Citi had completed its separation.

Well that was simple, huh? First the good news: If you die within the term you bought the life insurance for, your policy will definitely pay out so your family will receive the money they deserve. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, term life insurance is a lot cheaper than whole coverage. However, there are a few downsides.

The above quotes from ValuePenguin. Secondly, Primerica is notoriously bad at insuring anyone who happens to be in a high-risk bracket. And this is especially problematic because their term insurance policies offer no conversion options to whole life insurance. See, most other insurance companies — hell, pretty much every reputable term life insurance company — allow the policy holder to convert their term insurance to a permanent policy without needing to underwrite it again.

Many folks start by buying term insurance, then might have a change in life circumstance and decide they want the reliable coverage of permanent insurance. Or if they do take you, expect to pay a LOT more. In short, Primerica life insurance seems to be a good product for healthy peeps, but it may be pricier than you can get elsewhere. If you Google their website www. My Primerica Experience Back when I was about 15 years old, I was on summer break when my father signed up to be a Primerica rep.

He was super-friendly and sat down with my old man at our kitchen table, as I secretly listened in on their conversation from the other room. Even though I was just a kid, it all sounded amazing and I was immediately hooked.

Apparently, so was my father who signed up that night and officially began his Primerica journey. I even recall my father going to a national event in Atlanta with his team, while I stayed home in Canada and devoured all the Primerica material he had.

My personal favorites were the sales training tapes from a guy named Tom Hopkins and a book written by A. Even though it was published in , the information is still just as excellent and relevant today on how to get your mind right and become an effective leader.

But I digress. And that was that. Pros: Are Primerica Products Good? This is a nice change from many MLMs who are hawking fountain-of-youth creams or magic body wraps like It Works! Their term insurance covers your butt and pays out if you die, and their mutual funds are real investments which could make you money long-term. Most folks would like to protect their family in case they die prematurely.

They also wanna save money. Primerica has been operating since the late s and is a pretty rock-solid company overall. And this reputation is clearly worth something because Primerica was named one of Forbes 50 most trustworthy companies in Like most MLMs, Primerica has a charitable arm: The Primerica Foundation which offers grants to charities like family services organizations.

They also encourage their own employees to donate to charity. In fact, the combined might of their employees raised half a million dollars for the American Cancer Society in and Despite having legit financial products, at the end of the day Primerica is still a network marketing company.

Not my cuppa tea but whatever works for you boss. This is one of the big reasons that Primerica does not offer any online quotes. Go figure. Time to hit the books!

Which is really annoying. And for Primerica, your entry level commission is… well, nothing at first. But keep in mind that it normally takes at least 3 months to get your required licenses. If and when you pass your licensing exams, you are now an official Primerica Representative and entitled to basic commission levels. For loans, the Representative commission is 0. While this slightly bumps up your personal commissions e. The first way you make money from your downline is your standard overrides.



There are a lot of mergers, sales and spin offs involved which may wreck havoc on your mind. But we will give you a brief background so you understand the company a little. When it was founded in Primerica Insurance had another name. The company originated as the A. But this start was not like anything any normal insurance company has had over the years. Even before 3 years was up, the company created a contract with a subsidiary of Pen Corp. Financial Serivces which saw the creation of several more financial and insurance type companies all named after Mr.


Primerica Review – Compensation Plan & Commission Pay Structure Breakdown

In this section of the review, we are going to check out how the compensation plan works and how you can make money with Primerica. The Primerica commission structured in a unilevel type of payment plan. What this means is that all of your customers and referrals will be on your first level. The way that Primerica is set up to earn the bigger commissions, and is expected with the fact that you will be selling insurance, you will need to be licensed in order to become part of the bigger payouts of the commissions that you can receive.


What Is Primerica Insurance?

Aragul It then moves pplan to a 90 day plan to help get you up and running as fast as possible. Never knowing what he or she should have been paid. Are Primerica Comlensation Making Money. The investment advisor relationship would be different. You would just have to be careful how you mentioned them and get creative.

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