Customers can expect advice from holistic technology solutions right through to cross-machine turn-key process development, i. Be it individual or universal, the machine concept of monoBLOCK machines with their comprehensive range of options provides a solution for every application. A wide range of table solutions from 3-axis machining to highly dynamic 5-axis machining with Direct Drive as well as the widest selection of spindles are the basis for the optimal configuration of your machine. Large door openings with unique access to the working area give the operator impressive freedom and perfect handling. The results may vary slightly due to the site conditions and cutting conditions.

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Gagis The VMCs are equipped with a powerful spindle motor for aggressive cutting capabilities. Capable of machining cubic workpieces up to kg, the machine is equipped with an HSK-E40 tool interface and a vector-controlled motor spindle for short run-up and brake times and high torques at low speed.

It has a quick tool-to-tool time of only 1. A rigid Z axis ram with mm 20 in. The centre trough hinged conveyor provides for fast and effective chip evacuation. Additional features of the DNM A include rigid tapping capability, an auger-type chip conveyor, cooling and lubrication systems, a program and data protection key switch, and a portable manual pulse generator with movement in increments of x1, x10, and x to make fixture or part alignments quick and easy.

A rigid boxway roller bearing rail system and dual motor rack and pinion X axis drive provide smooth precise movement and high thrust levels on long travel cuts. The Z axis is driven by a direct servo-motor and uses a no-counterbalance design, eliminating chain vibration for high quality surface finishes. Product group Universal machining monoblpck. These machines can be equipped with simple pallet changers to fully integrated FMS systems for work and raw material handling.

The high-quality standard equipment with 5-axis simultaneous table, Fine grain Meehanite is mpnoblock for its superior dampening characteristics and ability to dissipate heat. The monoBLOCK series models are 5-axis machining centers suited to workpieces in various fields such as the aerospace, energy, medical component and automotive industries. The newest addition to the U5 family of gantry mills, the U is engineered to machine at extreme limits and into deep cavities of large prismatic parts.

The R8 spindle mlnoblock is made from one piece of Ni-Cr alloy steel and is supported by two precision angular contacts and one ball dju to ensure rigidity. The spindle has no corresponding loss of acceleration and deceleration. It features ipm rapids on the X, Y, Z axis, ipm on the Konoblock axis and A heavy duty drive belt eliminates slippage, reduces vibration, and contributes to thermal stability.

It also makes it possible to perform incline machining and all other dmi machining processes. Supplier database for the manufacturing industry More than supplier — overview Hall 01 — Machine tools Hall 02 — Industrial machines and equipments Hall 03 — Parts and components Hall 04 — Precision Tools and Clamping technology Hall 05 — Electrical and electronic equipment Hall 06 — Robotic and automation Hall 07 — Software and Hardware Monoblofk 08 — Metrology and quality assurance Hall 09 — Materials and semifinished products Hall 10 — Surface technology Hall 11 — Lubrication and cooling Hall 12 — Safety and environment Hall 13 — Workshop equipment Hall — Services Hall 15 — Additive Manufacturing.

Machine Tools Products Click here to go to the Machining Research article that goes with these products. Always, it comes to monobblock fastest route from the drawing to the finished work piece — the machines of the CMX U — series provide the perfect basis for this. The machine features an energy saving design. The newly designed machine features X, Y and Z travels of mm 22 in. The moonoblock magnetic encoder design eliminates noise and vibration, while providing more accurate spindle orientation feedback.

IndustryArena uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Its long axis strokes allow face milling, end milling and drilling to be performed above and below the centerline without C axis indexing. The bookmark function is a service restricted to members. Product categories Machine tools Welding and cutting machines Parts and components Precision Tools and Clamping technology Electrical and electronic equipment Robotic and automation Software and Hardware Metrology and quality assurance Materials and semifinished products Surface technology Lubrication and cooling Safety and environment Workshop equipment Services Composite Technology Additive Manufacturing.

It comes standard with a 15, rpm, 30 kW The integral drive spindle outperforms all other spindles on the market, monobock the company, due to the nature of its efficient design, which provides significantly higher torque at a low rpm.

A large tool magazine has a short chip-to-chip time outside of the chip and coolant area. To match that torque, the spindle employs 50 hp from 2, to 5, rpm.

Windows and doors on the machine are stiffer, move more smoothly and close tightly. Launched last year, the new machines use next generation digital servo motors and high resolution encoders on all axes. User-friendly features include Smart Machining Modules, which operate sensors that allow machinists to utilize the Advanced Process System APS for monitoring and recording spindle monoblofk.

A 15, rpm, 30 hp direct drive neo spindle provides speed and power required for high efficiency machining. Masterpiece in the World momoblock Tower vise capable of clamping 10 or more workpieces with different shapes at a time drastically reduces the number of momoblock. Product designation CMX 50 U.

The models employ an ergonomically designed unique structure, which contributes to superior workability and operability. The colour controller is a Fanuc Oi-MD. A versatile, yet compact machining centre that is extremely rigid, in a ready-to-run package. TOP Related.


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