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Significance and Use 3. It may be employed for approximating cetane number where the quantity of sample is too small for an engine rating. In cases where the cetane number of a fuel has been initially established, the index is useful as a cetane number check on subsequent samples of that fuel, provided its source and mode of manufacture remain unchanged.

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See more Tiene una superficie aproximada de hectareas y es el segundo lago en importancia del pais. El lago es una reserva nacional y sitio Ramsar Entre la biodiversidad del lago destaca el pajaro Zambullidor de Junin Podiceps taczanowskii , especie en peligro de extincion.

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Edit It was bordered by the Anauroch desert to the east, the High Forest to the south, the Savage Frontier to the west and the Spine of the World mountain range to the north. It also shared a border with the kingdom of Many-Arrows.