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Which along with a dome shaped aluminium centre cap and pocket neck damper, ensures a fast, realistic high quality sound throughout the range. Exclusively designed for use in bass reflex enclosures, the FF-WK series offers designers a chance to use a full range drive unit in a relatively small cabinet, without compromising on sound quality.

One is a basic layer and the other is a surface layer. In the FF-WK series, a long-fibered low freeness wooden pulp is used for the basic layer, which has high rigidity realized by the large volume structure and appropriate internal loss.

For the surface layer, the bincho charcoal powder is blended with a short-fibered high freeness kenaf, which allows to accelerate the propagation speed on the cone paper surface. The up-roll edge shape realizes a long stroke. The color tone of FF-WK series cone paper is created by the bincho charcoal and no dye is used.

Due to this fact, there is a case that the color tone slightly differs from each other. Also direct coupling with the voice coil bobbin expands the high frequency response. Employing the pocket shape at the damper neck section has realized the 3-point gluing even with the usage of junction cable. Faston gold coating connection terminal In order to minimize the sound variation, the Faston gold coating connection terminal is employed as a speaker terminal. This is my fav.

They do some bass ,great midrange and very good highs for a fullrange driver. They are not a live driver like the Fe series from Fostex are but, more of a studio sounding driver. Jeff Products You May Like.

GOST 9454 78 PDF

Fostex FX120 Fullrange Speaker Driver (Transducer)



1 Mini-Onken Bauvorschlag mit Fostex FX120- nicht mehr lieferbar !


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